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Living Room

  • Levi Area Rug


    Levi Area Rug Size: 60cm x 90cm Material: Cotton and Polyester  Color: Blue, Beige What's in the package? 1 x Levi Area Rug    

  • Banana Vase


    Banana Vase Material: Ceramic Size (H x W): 15.24 cm x 12.7cm Colors: White, Gold What's in the package? 1 x  Banana Vase

  • Sherlock Magnifying Glass Decor


    Sherlock Magnifying Glass Decor Material: Copper & Glass Design and Sizes: Gecko: 28.5cm x 10cm x 4cm Iguana: 30cm x 10cm x 5cm  What's in the...

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  • Hali Area Rug


    Hali Area Rug Size: 60cm x 90cm Material: Cotton and Polyester  What's in the package? 1 x Hali Area Rug    

  • Tulum Area Rug


    Tulum Area Rug Size: 60cm x 90cm Material: Cotton and Polyester  Color: Beige, Blue What's in the package? 1 x Tulum Area Rug    

  • Woof Accent Lamp


    Austin Desk Lamp Specifications: Type: Desk Lamp Bulb: Not Built-In (E27) Voltage: 110V - 220V Watts: 5W (Recommended) Power Source: AC   Breed: Fr...

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  • Glass Skull Decor

    from ₱1,800.00

    Glass Skull Decor Material: Glass Design and Sizes: Smoke: 19.5cm x 14cm x 24cm Clear: 22.5cm x 17cm x 25cm  What's in the package? 1 x Glass Sku...

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  • Amalfi Jar Set


    Amalfi Jar Set Material: Porcelain Size: Big: 19.5cm x 19.5cm x 3cm  Middle: 22.5cm x 18cm x 18cm Small: 19.5cm x 14cm x 14cm What's in the packag...

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  • Coral Decor


    Coral Decor Material: Resin, Marble Design and Sizes (W x H): A: 18.5cm x 17cm B: 16cm x 12.5cm C: 13cm x 12.5cm D: 20cm x 19cm E: 23cm x 16.5cm  ...

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  • Sale

    Apollo Vases

    from ₱735.00

    Apollo Vase Material: Ceramic Design, Color, and Sizes (H x W):  Chocolate: 24cm (H) x 19cm (W) Coral: 24cm (H) x 19cm (W) Cotton Candy: 24cm (H) x...

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  • Delilah Vase


    Delilah Vase Material: Porcelain Size (H x W): 17cm x 11cm x 30cm Colors: White, Black What's in the package? 1 x  Delilah Vase

  • Crystal Decor


    Crystal Decor Material: Crystal & Copper Design and Sizes (W x H): Lizard: 17.5cm x 15cm Panther: 30.5cm x 15cm Octopus: 18.5cm x 15cm  What's...

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  • Sold out

    Foo Lion Decor


    Foo Lion Decor *SOLD BY PAIR* can be used as decor or book end.  Material: Ceramic Color: Dark Blue Size: 21.5cm (L) x 15.5cm (W) **Actual color ...

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  • Ivy Vase

    from ₱6,550.00

    Ivy Vase Material: Glass + Copper Size (H x W): Tall: 33 cm x 20 cm Short: 31 cm x 20 cm  What's in the package? 1 x  Ivy Vase

  • Emma Vase


    Emma Vase Material: Resin Size (H x W): 23cm x 39cm Colors: White What's in the package? 1 x  Emma Vase

  • Malcolm Vase

    from ₱620.00

    Malcolm Vase Material: Porcelain  Size: Caramel: 16cm x 12cm x 4.5cm Azure: 21.5cm 9.5cm Pearl: 16cm x 11cm x 2.8cm Frost: 27cm x 9.5cm x 4cm Flami...

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  • Jungle Accent Rug


    Jungle Accent Rug Sizes: Zebra: 145cm x 90cm Giraffe: 183cm x 105cm Leopard: 150cm x 90cm Snow Leopard: 145cm x 90cm Lion: 152cm x 100cm Brown Pola...

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  • Farrah Vase

    from ₱1,250.00

    Farrah Vase Material: Glass Size (H x W): Midnight: 15.5cm x 13.8cm Marmalade: 19cm x 11.7cm Oatmeal: 9.8cm x 9.9cm Pine Green: 13cm x 13cm    What...

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  • Isadora Tissue Holder

    from ₱5,250.00

    Isadora Tissue Holder Material: Glass Seafoam Rectangle: 25cm x 14cm x 10cm Seafoam Square: 15.5cm x 15.5cm x 14cm Aquamarine Rectangle: 23.5cm x 1...

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  • Bug’s Life Decor

    from ₱1,110.00

    Bug’s Life Decor Material:  Butterfly: Copper Ant: Alloy Beetle: Alloy Design and Sizes (L x W x H): Butterly: 8cm x 8.5cm Ant(Big): 9.5cm x 8cm x ...

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  • Folsom Vase

    from ₱680.00

    Folsom Vase Material: Ceramic Size (HxW): A: 12.7cm x 10cm, B: 31cm x 10.5cm, C: 20cm x 13.3cm, D: 27cm x 9.5cm, E: 12.5cm x 12.5cm Design: A, B, C...

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  • Panama Vase

    from ₱800.00

    Panama Vase Material: Ceramic Size (HxWxL): A: 23.2cm x 16cm x 8.3cm, B: 17cm x 19.5cm x 7cm, C: 14.5cm x 15cm x 5.2cm Size and Color: Small Mauve,...

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  • Sale

    Themis Candle Holder

    from ₱450.00

    Themis Candle Holder Material: Resin Design and Sizes (L x W x H):  A (small pillar): 2.2cm x 6cm x 23cm, Colors: Black, Red, Green  B (big pillar)...

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  • Party Animal Decor

    from ₱750.00

    Party Animal Decor Material: Porcelain Design and Sizes (L x W x H):   Bull: 12cm x 4cm x 8cm Camel: 13.7cm x 4cm x 11.2cm Sloth: 17.3cm x 5cm x 8....

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  • Anouk Vases

    from ₱520.00

    Anouk Vase Material: Porcelain Design, Color, and Sizes (H x W):    A. White: 18.2cm (H) x 10cm (W) B. Schooner Blue: 10cm (H) x 9cm (W) C. Laguna ...

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  • Wooden Donkey Tissue Holder


    Wooden Donkey Tissue Holder Material: Wood Size: 250mm x 230 mm What's in the package?  1 x Wooden Donkey Tissue Holder

  • Hera Candle Holder

    from ₱750.00

    Hera Candle Holder Material: Porcelain Sizes: A: 17cm x 12cm B: 12cm x 21.5cm C: 19cm x 18cm D: 23cm x 15.5cm   What's in the package? 1 x Hera Ca...

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  • Honeycomb Candle

    from ₱280.00

    Honeycomb Candle Made of 90% Beeswax and 10% Paraffin wax Sizes: Taper Candle: 22cm x 2cm Tall Pillar: 6cm x 10cm Middle Pillar: 6cm x 8cm Short Pi...

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  • Bunny Tissue Holder


    Bunny Tissue Holder Size: 20cm x 15cm What's in the package?  1 x Bunny Tissue Holder

  • Bahari Throw Pillow Cover

    from ₱680.00

    Bahari Throw Pillow Cover  Sizes: Square: 45cm x 45cm Rectangle: 30cm x 50cm Material: A: Silk B-J: Velvet  What's in the package? 1 x Bahari Thro...

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  • Adourn Lantern

    from ₱1,150.00

    Adourn Lantern Material:  Size: Big: 190mm x 190mm x 285mm Medium: 160mm x 160mm x 155mm Small: 115mm x 115mm x 100mm What's in the package? 1 x A...

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  • Cara Area Rug


    Cara Area Rug Size: 100cm x 130cm Material: Cotton and Polyester  What's in the package? 1 x Cara Area Rug    

  • Zahiri Pendant Light

    from ₱8,650.00

    Zahiri Pendant Light Specifications: Type: Pendant Light Bulb: NOT Built-in Light Source: LED LED Type: E27 LED Color: 3000K (Warm White) Watts: 5w...

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  • Mordecai Rug

    from ₱7,500.00

    Mordecai Rug Size:  Round: 120cm x 120cm Rectangular: 120cm x 192cm Material: Cotton and Polyester  Color: Black Light Blue Style: Round, Rectangul...

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  • Quora Candle Holder

    from ₱750.00

    Quora Candle Holder Material: Wood Sizes: A: 7cm x 31cm B: 6.5cm x 26cm C: 6.5cm x 21cm D: 8cm x 13cm   What's in the package? 1 x Quora Candle Ho...

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  • Quillon Rug


    Quillon Rug Size: 120cm x 200cm Material: Cotton and Polyester  Style: A, B What's in the package? 1 x Quillon Rug